COVID-19 Emergency Support for Families
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COVID-19 Emergency Support for Families

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Many of the families we serve will be deeply impacted by the economic aspects of this situation.  If parents are unable to work, it will result in lowered incomes which will cause additional financial stress.  These families may not have the resources to stock up with fourteen days of food and medicine.  With the school closures, the question of childcare is now front and centre.


There is a financial piece to this, but there is also the very real impact of social isolation that may result from our attempts to slow the course of the disease.  Social isolation is actually a leading risk-factor for child abuse and neglect. 


Overall this situation will put additional pressures on families that are already experiencing poverty and lack of social supports. It is vital for us that we be able to offer additional emergency assistance for these families, as well as the meaningful, ongoing support and programs that prevent child abuse and neglect.


Families should not be at risk of having their children come into foster care because these circumstance mean they cannot pay their rent or feed their children.


The prevention focused programs and services we fund keep kids safe and help families develop resilience so they can weather these types of situations in the future.

Your support at this time is appreciated and we are so grateful.