Holiday Support

Help make the many holidays celebrated by families in our region a little bit brighter this year! 

Whether it is Hanukkah, Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, New Year festivities, Diwali, or another holiday, your donation provides gift card support for families to purchase gifts, holiday meal supplies, or other meaningful items. 

Browse the Holiday Support collection and 'shop' the many ways you can support children and families celebrate their holidays.

As the families we support vary in size, feel free to adjust the quantity in your cart to provide support to additional children and families. 

Please note: Any purchases made through the catalogue will be converted into gift cards provided to families. Additionally, children, youth, and families need a variety of support all year-round.  In the event that funds raised in the Holiday Support Program exceed what is required, funds will be directed to programs and services that offer meaningful, ongoing support throughout the year.  For more information on the impact of your gift, please visit our website.